I'm a skateboarder's nightmare. I push mongo. My brother Evan Mock just shakes his head at me. Absolutely none of my style or coordination from surfing transfers over to riding a board with four wheels. I actually prefer sitting and someone push me; that's fun to me, and a bit safer. However, Penny Skateboards gave me this pretty piece of indigo printed plastic to try out and I gave it a go in front of my house along Kamehameha Hwy. I think it's safe to say i've found my new mode of transportation to avoid the bumper to bumper Winter traffic. I'm a beginner at best so you definitely won't find me zipping through Banzai Skatepark, but i will be that person rolling by on the inside roads beating you to Pupukea Grill.


Photos | Brother Alika Mock

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One of the things i love most about being from Hawaii is getting to see firsthand how much creativity flows from this place. Amber Mozo is one of those people you live through vicariously on social media. She's got one of those unmistakeable laughs and a gaze you'll never forget. Her ability to capture moments so effortlessly is ridiculous. A quick glance at her Insty [ @ambermozo ] and you'll see what i'm talking about.

She recently released her first book, Chasing Light, which chronicles 80 days of travel around the world with her mother and siblings. It's much more than that, though. It's a bit of a love letter, to everyone with a desire to see the world, and also to those who have seen much and know how traveling can change you. It's been over 10 years since her Dad was lost to the ocean, photographing Pipeline here on the North Shore, and Amber takes us through her journey since then. Her words are vulnerable and passionate; and that's how I think of her photographs too. I never got to meet Jon Mozo, but i see glimpses of his light through Amber's book, and now you can too.

Follow the link below to get your copy of Chasing Light.



Congrats Amber on your first book and thank you for letting me take your photo. x


Bali! I can finally check this incredible place off my travel list. The people, costal landscape, and healthy eats are definitely worth writing home about. Every surface is saturated with the culture and traditional practices. I've never seen flowers and plants utilized in a dreamier way. 

There's always more images to edit, though I thought i'd start with these. We spent our last day in Bali on the beach at Uluwatu; hiding in the shaded caves of sheer cliffs and soaking in the good vibes everyone was clearly high on. The boys drank Bintangs and the girls bought their weight in sarongs. White is always right, and finding this rocky backdrop that day was the cherry on top of an epic holiday. x



1. Hottie. 100% humidity simply does not say enough about just how, dare i say the word moist, it was throughout the day. Thank goodness we were typically just going from point A to B most days. A being the ocean, and B being our pool. Be sure to stay hydrated! Fill your reusable water bottles, and definitely get a fresh coconut [ or five ] to sip and snack on. Shade is your BFF in Bali and beach bought sarongs were my favorite multi purpose item for hiding from the heat.

2. Pack light. Bikinis don't take up much space, and they, along with a few coverups options and a Slowtide towel are mostly what you'll need for a trip to Bali. So rather than filling your check-in with clothes you probably won't get around to wearing, save space to shop the woven shell collars in the markets of Ubud or batik sarongs on the beach at Uluwatu.

3. Bali Belly. Fortunately I didn't have a personal experience with this dreaded stomach flu, though my brother-in-law-wasn't so lucky and ended up in the emergency room for a night. They said it was a more severe case due to him being dehydrated as well. With the daily looming cloud of possibly getting sick or food poisoning, my routine this trip was to drink a ton of water, fresh coconut water, take my vitamins, and get a daily dose of probiotics through capsules or kombucha.


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